Monday, February 20, 2012

Space and Genesis 1

Is the cutting edge nature of space as physicists are beginning to picture it today mentioned in the Bible? The Big Bang was discovered in the 40’s while Einstein had already laid out his Theory of Relativity. No one including Einstein believed the Universe had a beginning, until Edwin Hubble demonstrated how the Universe is indeed expanding.
Believed now to have occurred billions of years ago it isn’t necessary for creationists to argue that this age is bogus. Why, because of the very nature of space: it fluctuates along with the nature of time to accommodate a consistent speed of light. However, to assume that this speed has always been the same from the beginning is too speculative. Sure it's behaving as such within our time frame but at the very beginning things must have been different. If space and time are in flux to accommodate light what determines the objectivity of our perceived age of things in the universe as a whole? Furthermore, what if light behaved differently before?
If I could see things outside of time and space as the Big Bang occurs, say from God’s perspective, then ‘when’ the world was created seems irrelevant as there is no reference point apart from God’s. The confusion begins with our perception of things as we are like the fish in our fish bowl measuring the entire space outside of our world from within its warped glass boundaries.

 Now, from God’s perspective we can see how from the beginning of life on Earth until now a mere fraction of time elapsed: Anno Mundi to the Flood is approximately 2000 years and our Post-Flood world another 4000, at which in the halfway point we have the arrival of Christ. But what is really interesting is all this stuff I can derive from 20th century physics thanks to Albert Einstein. However, in the 21st century realm of physics the nature of space is taking a different turn toward the hologram. Today there is growing anticipation among top scientists that the very fabric of everything is a projection on a 2-d plane, as it were producing a holographic world aka the Universe. Well, apart from the question Who is running the projector if we read in Genesis we see this very thing written from knowledge so long ago.
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.   
Here we can envision the obvious: the heaven and the earth mentioned are simply our local planet and our sky. However, as we ponder what’s being said we can begin to see that time, space, and matter are being included, here. We have the world being without form and God who is about to separate stuff, as well.  ‘Waters’ seems to be referring to primordial matter or is it? I think the face of the deep and the face of the waters are linked.  Can it be referring to time/space/matter? I know this is a stretch, but as you see this video about the nature of time and see what Genesis 1 says and how physicists today are saying we are projections on to a surface the question of the projector’s  origin as well as the information being projected comes to mind and for me points right back to Genesis 1.

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