Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are We Real?

Cosmological Constant-Not Luck. Scientists see and know our universe must have been designed. But they will not accept belief in God, I.D. So scientists are suppressing their knowledge due to their hatred toward God, especially Jesus Christ.

Scientists now 'believe' there are infinite amounts of universes aka multiverses so that the anthropic principle which they DO admit exists in light of the Cosmological Constant.

This means scientists' direction toward the Multiverse Theory was originally caused by a knowledge of God's fine-tuning.

As they proceed to do their math in order to learn more about the nature of these other universes, scientists were brought back to the notion of a creator.

There is no access to these other universes. No proof.  However, they DID find 2 'proofs' of an intelligent designer. But instead, they prefer to lie, and trying to cover up the truth, it- the lie- multiplies . Like when you cut the head of a hydra, it grows more heads than before.

The brain specialists going with the evolution approach are convinced the human brain cannot advance any further. Our intelligence has reached its potential. Funny, they did  not discuss hyperbaric chambers. They do not discuss savants. We will advance our capabilities through technology. 

"Our universe may be a hologram created by a super advanced race in another universe, making us created beings", like the Bible plainly says (I mean the 'created beings' part). Here again these guys are led to God, however they need to splinter off and from the most logical and most immediate answer: ONE GOD/ ONE UNIVERSE to what they prefer: NO GOD/ MULTIVERSE/ GODS/ US.

At least 3 times science points to God and 3 times scientists are denying God. They search for an alternative to the Bible's God to find an "Intelligence" so like the God of the Bible. They refuse to admit it.       

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